Our Story

Our story about the foundation of International Conference for Truth, Justice and Peace (ICTIP) begins at Pillar of Fire, a Dutch charity institute based on Biblical faith and committed to blessing the people and State of Israel in word and deed.

Brothers and sisters from all kinds of churches, denominations and generations take part in the activities of this organization, that aims at the public benefit and is as such for the accomplishment and support of the work, dependent on donations and working together with enthusiastic volunteers.

Pillar of Fire is located in the Residence and the seat of the Government of the Netherlands, that is The Hague. Being the second UN city, this metropolitan is diplomatically considered to be the international capital of Peace and Justice. It is home to dozens of global non-governmental organizations, that are active in the field of peace and justice. One of these devotees is International Conference for Truth, Justice and Peace (ICTIP), which was derived from Pillar of Fire.

It just so happened, that the motto “VREDE EN RECHT”, translated Peace and Justice, in  The Hague’s cotes of arms, has led to the creation of ICTIP! This, since it brought us to questioning the conditions for Peace and Justice. The missing link in this slogan and the condition for achieving the high values of Peace and Justice, is to our believe, adding the value of Truth to Peace and Justice.

In a way, speaking words of truth is the calling of ICTIP. Therefore, in June 2017, we expressed our vision on the call in Psalm 2 verse 10 (“Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth”) by organizing a closed-door conference for 24 universal lawyers and experts in the field of international law, from 12 nations.

This seminar was convened in the Peace Palace (June 2017) in The Hague to discuss the legal implications of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 2334. A regulation that contains a number of statements of law and fact concerning Israel, the “two-State solution” and “the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967”.

By initiating and sponsoring this meeting, ICTIP provided a platform to create a cross-border declaration with international legal facts, relating to the territorial status of East Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank’. This international law Statement is completed in a manifesto of the highest level, titled The Hague Statement of Jurists on the Israel-Palestine Conflict’. The document is used to facilitate discussions in a diplomatic field for the benefit of foreign policy.

The Golden Carriage leaves the Binnenhof

The Binnenhof with the Golden Carriage

The Binnenhof with the Golden Carriage

Pictures above: The Ridderzaal (translated ‘Hall of Knights’) is located in the heart of the Parliament and used for the annual state opening of Parliament on ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Little Princes’ Day), when our reigning Dutch monarch drives to Parliament in the Golden Coach and delivers the speech from the throne; setting out the main features of government policy for the next parliamentary session.