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Below you can read a report of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast 2019. More photos will follow soon!

Impressive Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in The Hague

On Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June 2019, the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast took place in The Netherlands for the first time. This gathering of politicians, Christian leaders, and leaders from the Jewish community was held in Jerusalem for the first time in 2017, at the initiative of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset). Since then, the JPB has been held in more and more cities around the world. Jack van der Tang, founder and spokesperson of Pillar of Fire and of the International Conference for Truth, Justice & Peace foundation, took the initiative to organize this event in The Hague. (Photo above: during the Prayer Breakfast in the Kurhaus, on stage Kees vd Staaij (MP, 2nd on the left), Jack van der Tang and Michele Bachmann (on the right)

Various articles have appeared in the media recently about both the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and the meeting in the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights). Unfortunately, not all facts in those articles were correct. The Ridderzaal meeting was a stand-alone meeting, at the invitation of State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (also on the initiative of Jack van der Tang). In addition, the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast took place in The Hague in the same week, but this took place in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.

During the actual prayer breakfast, there were speeches and ofcourse prayers, for the peace and well-being of Jerusalem and Israel. This in accordance with the commandment (addressed to all Bible-believers from the nations) in Psalm 122.

Participants came from the Netherlands, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, West Papua, South Africa, the United States, Sweden, Finland, England, Greece, Germany, Belgium and Northern Ireland, among others.

Peace Palace
The group of participants in the JPB moved to the Peace Palace after the formal meeting in the Ridderzaal. A small delegation (11 people) was received in the Peace Palace for a tour. Unfortunately, the Peace Palace had decided a few days earlier that the participants of the JPB were suddenly not welcome and therefore had to stay outside the gates. The reason given was: for safety reasons. (photo: Jack van der Tang addresses the group of participants at the Peace Palace)

The group was then addressed by Jack van der Tang outside the fence. There he handed over a copy of the “The Hague Statement of Jurists on the Israel-Palestine Conflict” to Michele Bachmann, American Republican Congresswoman and former presidential candidate. She is co-chair of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast from her home in the US. And also to Andrew Tucker, under whose leadership the statement was made.

The Statement, published in a special new version and officially issued on 25 June 2019 at the Peace Palace, is the Declaration of an international group of 25 lawyers who met on 28 and 29 June 2017 in the Peace Palace. For two days they exchanged their knowledge in the field of international law, with regard to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But also in a long period afterwards there was extensive communication about the subject. A very thorough and powerful statement was then issued.

Jack van der Tang (Pillar of Fire and founder and director of the Int. Conference for Truth Justice & Peace foundation) got the vision to pray specifically for the city of The Hague in relation to Jerusalem. “It is hard to explain, but God spoke to me at a specific moment: your city The Hague has stolen the promises for My city Jerusalem.”

The Bible is clear that Jerusalem will be the capital of International Law (Isaiah 2) and that Jerusalem will also be called the city of Truth (Zechariah 8: 3), and that ultimately God’s law (Torah) and government will come from Jerusalem.

The Hague calls itself the city of “peace” and “justice”. The city is the “capital of international law” (in this sense the second city of the United Nations). But where is the truth?
The Peace Palace (the real name is the “Temple of Peace”) houses the International Court of Justice.

During the conference, which mainly took place in the Kurhaus, a worship concert was held on Tuesday evening, which was also open to non-participating visitors. The musical direction was in the hands of pianist Eric Lagerström and his specially formed band for this evening, including violinist Peter van Essen.

Giving back Israels birthright
Also during this evening it was officially declared that we distance ourselves from replacement theology and that we return the birthright (which we had appropriated) to Israel.

(photo: Andrew Tucker,
During the afternoons there were many inspiring speeches, among others by Michele Bachmann (American Republican Congressman and co-chairman of the JPB), Andrew Tucker (lawyer of thinc.), Yehuda Glick (Shalom Jerusalem Foundation and former Knesset member), Bill Koenig (, Rosemary Garlow-Schindler (, Jim Garlow (, Leo van Doesburg (European Affairs Director of the European Christian Political Movement, ECPM), and others. Also the premiere of the impressive film “The Hague or Jerusalem?” by American filmmaker Brian Sanders.

During the Breakfast on Wednesday morning, the participants and various speakers prayed and proclaimed from the Bible for Jerusalem and Israel.

During the Gala Dinner on Wednesday evening there were inspiring speakers, the ambassador of Israel, Aviv Shir-On, spoke about his special experience the day before after the meeting in the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) (halfway the meeting he had to leave to attend an invitation by King Willem-Alexander that same morning, because of his upcoming retirement; he was escorted in limousine with Israeli flag on hood, from the Ridderzaal. Never before had a ambassador been escorted in this honorful way from the seat of Government, in stead of from their residence or embassy – red.- see photos in this article (Dutch text), and Gert van de Vijver (“sand artist”) gave a moving show . In addition, there were more speakers, including Jewish and Christian leaders and members of the Dutch House of Representatives.

(photo: Impression of the performance by Gert van der Vijver)
All in all an impressive conference, with many highlights, in a unique atmosphere of solidarity and friendship between Jewish and Christian participants, in a unique location in The Hague.

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